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Don’t Read This Book! It’s a Waste of Your Time.

The person who wrote this book is an unemployed wage-slave and ward of the state with no real credentials except a BA in English, who has only ever had two real paid jobs in his life. He’s 27 years old and yet has been ridiculously sheltered his whole life. He has hardly any real life experience.

Seriously, don’t read this book! It’s a waste of your time! The person who wrote it graduated from Ohio State University with a bachelor’s degree in English (professional writing specialization), and knows how to write grant proposals.

He worked for Ohio State University as a kitchen assistant for three years and as a call center worker on their behalf for two years until the coronavirus pandemic.

He has been ridiculously trapped his whole life and has hardly any real life experience because he was systematically denied opportunities to learn and grow himself without authority figures micromanaging him and force-feeding him all the answers.

He compensated for that by reading a lot of books and articles online, talking to a lot of people and learning from them, absorbing and synthesizing many pieces of the wisdom they gained from their life experiences.

He milked every piece of life experience he could get his hands on for as much wisdom, understanding, skill and maturity as he possibly could. It was exhausting for him, but it was his only way out.

Little by little he whittled away at the invisible bars of his gilded cage. And the more he whittled away, the faster and more effective his whittling became.

He went from being mentally retarded as a young child to helping to solve a criminal case that had stumped private investigators during his college years.

In only two years, he went from being one of the most socially oblivious jerks you’d ever meet to being more socially sensitive than the majority of people in his entire nation. An independent expert psychology evaluation was unable to find any symptoms of his lifelong autism.

This was because he’d learned how to be not-autistic too. He can now switch back and forth between his autistic and not-autistic “sides”, or combine them. Not only that, but he can do it fairly seamlessly and at will.

The person who wrote this book sometimes refers to these “sides” as the mechanistic and fluid facets of his personality, or just as his mind and soul.

It’s really not as impressive as it sounds. He isn’t the first autistic person to develop a not-autistic side and he certainly won’t be the last.

I mean it, don’t read this book. It’s a waste of your time. This book contains no new discoveries or inventions. It also cites hardly any sources. It merely translates and synthesizes things that are already commonly known by those who pay attention, and spits out new insights based on that.

Don’t. Read. This.

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